Plasma Skin tightening treatment for smoother skin around the eyes and mouth as well as a clearer complexion

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Plasma Therapy - an alternative to skin tightening treatments and surgery ​

An especially gentle and low-pain procedure which achieves incredible permanent results......immediately! ​

Due to its amazing tightening results further tightening improvements increase in the following weeks. ​​

The visible and measurable results are smoother skin around the eyes and mouth as well as a more even complexion. ​​

This all results in an overall fresher, younger appearance after just one treatment.​

Plasma therapy

It is a none surgical, none inject-able treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as being able to give a lifting effect.

Plasma is known as the “4th state of matter”. The other three being solid, liquid and gas. Plasma therapy works by ionisation, a process where energy (heat) is applied to a gas resulting in negatively charged ions leaving the atom and forming a positively charged ion. The Accor Plasma pen creates this energy.

The body is a chemical energy and conductor. When the charged pen gets in close contact (1mm) with the body a plasma arc touches the skin vaporising it creating a micro millimetre sized dot on the skins surface. This dot minimally tightens the skin in the surrounding area. Several of these points applied in a grid formation, in a particular pattern, gives a tightening of that whole area. Instantly skin appears smoother and tighter, these dots will gradually fall off over 3-6 days. Following on from the treatment, up to 12 weeks, the skin is still tightening and smoothing out.

These effects are permanent and the skin will only got back to a pre-treatment state in the amount of time the body needs to age naturally, so your wrinkles may not re appear for years after, depending of course on your bodies natural ageing process.

In some cases a few treatments may be needed initially and these will need to be at least 12 weeks apart. Anything sorter than this time wise would reduce the results of the initial treatment as it hasn’t been given the correct amount of time to fully work.

Skin Tightening

  • Eye lid lift

    Initial treatment, £500
  • follow up treatments, £125
  • Under eye lift

    Initial treatment, £275
    (including crows feet)
  • follow up treatments, £125
  • Crows feet

  • Glabella

    (frown lines)
  • Mouth / Marionetts / Cheeks

    Per treatment, £350
    (3/4 treatments may be needed)
  • course of 4 treatments, £1,200
  • Nasolabial

    (line between nose and corner mouth)

Skin Tag

  • Individual, £40

    more than 5, £25 each


  • Age spots, £40 individual

    more than 5, £25 each

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